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Cornice Reviews – Tim and Jane M, Mesa AZ

Cornice Reviews Clients in Mesa AZHi Claudia – well, we are ready to start window #3.  You were right, the first one was the hardest.  The second one took us about 5 hours from start to finish, and that included the stitching of the fabric together, matching the stripes.  We appreciated all your advice and the photos you sent.  It really helped.  We’re very pleased with the outcome and if there is an issue (like stripes not perfectly matched), it can be corrected very easily.  Thanks again!  When we finish the bay window, we’ll take another photo and send.  That might be a challenge, but we’re getting pretty proficient at this!

Cornice Reviews from Marianne, B

cornice reviews styrofoam cornies The first two pictures are of our master bedroom.  I am most proud of the way the BEDROOM CORNICES turned out.  I was able to use a large print and make oversize pillows (see on the floor in the first picture) for the bed and then have the pattern repeat in the

The next three are the recent project in our living room.   We had the wooden shades made for the windows and I needed a cornice that pulled the whole three windows together.  What a difference it made in the look.

Cornice Reviews from ClientsThe last is a cornice in the guest room.  I was able to use the same fabric and reverse it for a two-toned effect, which went well with the pictures on the wall and the bedspread.

By the way, thanks for the other bracket.  I finished the last cornice and hung it today.

Linda Mays, WA

Cornice Reviews ….“I’m not new to the type of cornice kit sold by Home Fashions U — I’ve done a cornice using that kit in my bedroom. The resulting cornice came out so well that when my hubby and I wanted to put the finishing touch to our living room and dining room, we decided that the only look that would work would be the same cornice kit. We took our measurements, and I knew exactly what I would need, which included one corner piece.

I had purchased the other kit online so long ago that I couldn’t remember who I had purchased it from. But, I do internet research with ease so I jumped on my computer, hopping from search engine to search engine, website to website, comparing prices for my specific needs, including shipping. I figured, what the heck, they all sell the same kit, why should I pay even a nickel more? Then I hit the Window Bonnets site and you changed my mind.

First of all, there was your sweet face and voice. This was no anonymous website, this was a real person. I immediately got the impression that if I ran into trouble, there would be some actual support there for me. The website itself had been personalized. Most of the other websites had just taken the manufacturer’s verbage about the product and merely duplicated it onto their websites. The Styrofoam Cornice Kit pages were created, not copied. I thought, this is a person who has put a lot of work and caring into this, this is a knowledgeable person, this is different!

I mentioned that I needed a corner piece, and Home Fashions U made that easy because it lets the buyer order corner bends one-at-a time. Other sites offered “bay window kits” which are essentially two corner bends, so if you only need one, you have to call in to place your order because their online forms aren’t set up to handle that! Which gave me a clue about their customer service!

The Styrofoam Cornice Kits website is visually attractive, extremely user friendly, contains a WEALTH of information, and oh heavens you have to love those links! Now, let’s talk about price. Were you the cheapest? No. There was one site cheaper. By the amount of a couple of fancy Starbucks beverages. It was a no-brainer for me, and I immediately placed the order with you.

Cornice Reviews – Frank & Mary, MD

“… Mary and I would like to thank you for the quick turn around and your consideration to assist with the freight charge. We actually watched your training installation video last night and are excited that we can do a lot with these Cornices, especially changing the fabric whenever we choose. Mary is so excited. We have a lot of rooms in our home to do and are looking for innovative ways to beautify the windows with good treatments. We wish you and Dave a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Brigitte, MA

“… Hi, They came out fantastic. My husband now wants me to do the dining room window. For him to want anything done around the house is amazing. Great product.

Louise, KY

“… I have finished my Window Bonnets and I love them!!! I have received so many complements!

Kitty M, MT

“… they have truly transformed our home, the master bedroom & bath, kitchen, dining room, living room.  My husband surprised me by covering the dining room chairs with the same fabric as the cornices. … the ones in the living room hide the blackout drapes and add such style… Great!”

Cathy M, UK

“… it took my eye as soon I had look. I’ve been looking for something for my window for so long now and I said to myself right away “this is what I want”.”

Susan B, SC

“… I appreciated your excellent website showing different treatment styles and options. Also, the instructional section of the website gives a good idea of the work process in creating the cornices.”

Julie P, AZ

“… Your website was by far the nicest, easiest to use and most helpful.”

Janice S, IL

“…I finished it and they look great. I will send pictures when I finish the room. I went on line today to order two more kits…”

More Cornice Reviews – Barbie K, NY

“   …I have to tell you that I am replacing my living room drapes with a fresher look and I was going to design my own cornice/valance with the drapery material as the bottom and top band and another fabric in the middle. I had just assumed I would do this on rods. I thought I would just scope out the Internet to see what would show up if I googled window valances or cornices. Much to my surprise, there you were, with the exact look (only better) of what I wanted to accomplish. I watched your instruction video and showed it to my husband. Can’t wait to get the product and get to work on it.”

Maggie S, FL

“… I looked at several different companies, liked the looks and prices of yours better.”

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