Styrofoam Cornice Kits are as easy as 1.2.3.Avalon styrofoam cornice kit

Assemble, Decorate and Hang your Styrofoam cornice kits.

Styrofoam Cornice Kits are the best solution for the do-it-yourself decorator.
• 6 Cornice kit Styles
• Heights 7” to 16” High
• 32” to 19 Foot Wide
• 3” or 5” Returns
• Corner and Bay Window Kits
• Kits include Tuck tool and mounting brackets
State of the art designs, light weight, do it your self cornice kits. All kits are whit in color and can be covered with your choice of fabrics or painted.
The look of a custom full return window cornice. No sewing or stapling required, just a low temp glue gun to assemble the cornice.Manufactured of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a very durable and stable product. Manufactured by DIY Cornice Kits.

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