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Best DIY Cornice Kits

Claudia Buchanan

Great Facelift DIY Cornice Kits

Buying Cornice Kits

Window Cornice Kits are so easy to decorate and install in a new home or just give your present home a facelift!  do it yourself cornice kits

When decorating your old or new home, the windows are the eyes of the house. Our first thought is how to and what colors or rods to use. You can create a Cornice Valance, from many materials such as Styrofoam, wood, and fabrics: cornice kits consist of cornice parts, that are three sided box that sites above a window; the cornice valance can be designed alone to stand on its own or covering drapes to give a much more finished look.

Create It Decor Kitchen CorniceThe cornice kits are design to hide curtain rods and give a finished look to your windows of all sizes.
You can make a cornice valance very easily, all you need to do is cover the cornice kits with fabric of your choice to create the look your striving for.

Cornices extend from the window 3 to 5 inches, which give the window a covered look this can give the windows a polished and expert look. Cornice kits are very inexpensive and can really dress up a very dull window, and brighten up an area of your home, with simple materials and a little thought of how you want the design to look.

Old fashion cornice designed window dressings is coming back into style , you can create old and new with paint, fabrics and other products. Moldings can be added to give the look of old world design and give your home the feeling of something long since passed . So when thinking of a new house project think of your windows.

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