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Brandenburg Extension Cornice Kit -16" High


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Brandenburg Extension kit
brandeburg extension samples
Brandberg Cornice Kit
Brandenburg Extension kit
Brandenburg Extension Cornice Kit -16" High
Decorated Brandenburg Cornice Kit
Decorated Brandenburg Cornice Kit

Brandenburg 2 Piece Extension Cornice kit

Brandenburg extension kits include 2 16" wide extensions for the Brandenburg Cornice kit. With the extensions you can extend this cornice up to 50 ft wide window or wall.  Perfect for  large windows with vaulted ceilings.  This cornice also can be use in convention space, clubs and meeting halls.

The extension  kit includes 2  16" extension pieces to reach your chosen window width, 3" or 5" brackets, mounting hardware.

Bracket options:

    3" brackets are used for recessed blinds allowing 3" of clearance off of the wall. 

    5" bracket allows for 5" of clearance off of the wall for outside mounted blinds and draperies. 

Assemble the kit with a low temperature glue gun, which we sell in the glue

These cornices are constructed in 3 easy steps:

If you re looking for unique window cornices that are easy and FUN to create, you've come to the right place! We have an amazing product in sizes that will surely suit your windows and offer a fantastic, creative enhancement to any room. The best part about our product is that there is no sewing involved, and you are only limited by your imagination!

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